Careers at Alicia Bartnes Salon & Boutique

At Alicia Bartnes Salon & Boutique we are always looking for highly motivated team members to continue their growth.  Our mission is to provide a space where all team members are valued, no matter how much industry experience you have, and that everyone is treated with kindness and respect. We have grown from every experience, client, and team member that has walked through our doors. At Alicia Bartnes Salon we are a team, we thrive by providing the best customer experience to our clients, and we know that your work environment is integral to maintaining the brand that we have created.


Our objective is to be the best high-end salon in Loveland within a small boutique environment that nurtures professionalism and long-term friendships. We offer a comfortable yet luxurious experience for every client that walks in the door no matter their status or income level. Just as we think all team members deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, we believe the same of our clients. Through teamwork, education, a great work environment, and next-level customer service, we will build and maintain a successful brand that everyone is happy and excited to be a part of.

We will engage our clients not only behind the chair, but through active social media, email marketing, community events, and a killer website. Our “marketing funnel” will be supported by all team members so that clients feel like they are being taken care of not only in the salon, but in between appointments and within their communities.

It is our goal to find and market to the perfect clientele for each of our staff so that every day is perfect for clients and team members alike. We love creative individuals and ideas to better serve our clients and to create a reputation of nonpretentious excellence throughout the Northern Colorado area.


We want to be a salon full of specialists, in an industry full of generalists. What we mean is that our brand is built around the idea that we are the go-to destination for the BEST HAIR COLOR in the area. Of course, we complement each color service with an amazing haircut, but our reputation will be for amazing balayage, highlights, dimensional color, and grey coverage, with elevated vivids rounding out the portfolio. We strive to be known as the premier hair color studio of Loveland.

We are also pleased to offer some of the best bridal/special occasion hair & makeup services and are always eager to meet with new team members that have proficiency and love for these events and occasions.



Our approach to this industry, and what it means to be a team member is something that we pride ourselves on, and really what sets us apart. We value customer service, education, and communication. You will get personal mentoring, team-building events outside of the salon, monthly to quarterly in-salon classes as well as classes provided by our product line partners. We are always open to hosting outside education as well if there is something the team can benefit from. Hair is business, and we love helping with the numbers side of our industry that many struggles with. We will help you set, and reach monetary, personal, and professional goals. Our main goal as a company is to provide a space where all team members can grow, thrive, and truly advance their careers in a way that no one else can do for them.

Are you new to the industry, our area, or freshly graduated? We would love to talk to you about our Stylist Apprentice Program to help you grow your career in an environment filled with education, support, and business knowledge to truly live your wealthiest life possible.



We are currently looking for stylists that are striving to be a specialist, that want to be the best in the industry.  Stylists and Nail Technicians that focuses on the health of hair and nails, making it a top priority for all guests. You must be willing to contribute to our team culture of professionalism, customer service and marketing goals to grow your career as a successful stylist. 

Does this sound like the team you want to be a part of?


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