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Alicia is a Certified Service Provider for the

WIGS FOR KIDS Affiliate Stylist Program

There are a lot of hair donation charities out there, but Wigs for Kids is different. They rely on hair donations and financial support to make durable, custom, natural looking Hair Replacement Systems that are provided at no cost to children experiencing hair loss. For every hair system made for a child, it takes 20-30 ponytails and $1800.00. Ambassador Salons are the foundation for this support through ponytail harvesting, fundraising activities and representing Wigs for Kids in the community. At Alicia Bartnes Salon we not only cut the hair specifically by the Wigs for Kids guidelines but we also charge $100 for the service so that we can contribute monitarily for each service we provide.

Guidelines for Your Hair Donation

  1. Make sure hair is a minimum of 12 inches for proper hair donation length. We encourage you wait and grow a longer ponytail (14+ inches) to have the most impact on a child in need. It is important to come to your appointment with your hair clean and completely dry.

    • Pull curly hair straight for a more accurate measurement.

    • Start the measuring tape at the start of the ponytail.

    • Stop measuring where the ponytail starts to thin due to layers or split ends.

  2. Hair must be clean and stored/packaged completely dry.

    • Wet hair will mold in shipping and will be thrown away.

  3. Hair cannot be permed, color-treated, or highlighted.

    • Learn more about our hair donation requirements.

    • Temporary coloring or highlights that wash out are acceptable but must be completely washed out before cutting. Gray hair is accepted.

  4. Tie hair into at least four sections (six are even better) around the head for a more generous donation.

    • Hair that is pulled into one ponytail or braid results in a loss of up to four inches of hair. To section ponytails:

      • Make a center part

      • Starting from this center part, part the hair over the top of each ear. This will create four sections of hair

  5. To create four ponytails:

    • Tie the hair in front of each ear into ponytails, and then tie the hair behind each ear into ponytails.

    • Make sure each ponytail or braid is tightly secured. Hair that is loosely wrapped tends to become loose when shipped, making it unusable.

    • PLEASE be sure hair is tight and secured with several rubber bands 2-3 inches apart.

  6. Cut hair above rubber band.

  7. Seal all dry ponytails in a Ziploc bag

  8. The hair donation will be given to the guest along with the Wigs For Kids form with the specified barcode so that they may mail it in to the Wigs For Kids Foundation.

  9. Your stylist will then wash, cut and style your hair to achieve your new style.