Meet Our Team

Our salon professionals are their own small business within Alicia Bartnes Salon and Boutique. They have custom hours, their own pricing structure, and use their own professional products to take care of their guests. We thrive by building and supporting each other as a team and you'll love getting to know us!


Gray  and Dimensional Color Specialist
for Short & Sassy or Midlength Modern Styles

Alicia's Salon Hours

Monday          10-2
Tuesday          10-6
Wednesday    9-5
Thursday        10-6
Friday              9-1
Saturday         OFF
   Sunday - Closed


Gel X Nail  and
Makeup Artist /Esthetics Specialist

Jen's Salon Hours

Monday          9-1
Tuesday          OFF
Wednesday    11-7
Thursday        11-7
Friday              11-7
Saturday          10-6
       Sunday - Closed


We Can Not Accomplish All That We Do Without Working Together

When your team feels like family ...
You are truly Blessed